Safety nets for your home


Safety nets for your home

Security is the most important thing in this life and home security is paramount.

At RMG-Redes we offer you the solution: protection nets for balconies, terraces and windows.

At RMG-Redes we offer you these protective screens for balconies, terraces and windows so that the security in your home is guaranteed. These safety nets are designed primarily for the safety of children and pets and to avoid damage that may result in the dropping or throwing of objects.

In our company we are dedicated to creating safety nets for the closure of balconies, terraces and windows. We can also take care of the installation.

The benefits of these networks are many, among others, prevent children and pets from crossing balustrades on balconies and balconies and terraces and get a good scare. The tranquility of the customer to know that the mesh for balconies protects from falls and throwing objects is essential for us. To avoid scares RMG-Redes has prepared these safety nets so that you can enjoy being at home with the unconcern that a small watch does not have undesired consequences.

Another benefit of our nets, besides the security they provide, is that they are virtually invisible to the eye. The visual impact is minimal. Both from the outside as well as from the interior. Protective nets are available in clear color. They provide security and at the same time create a sense of open space.

RMG-Redes has a long professional career in the synthetic nets sector. We are specialized in the making of nets to measure to give solution to any need you may have. Our experience has allowed us to make these nets for balconies, terraces and windows so that the security in the home is total.

In RMG-Redes we are concerned about your safety and your well-being and that is why we created this product thinking about you.


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