In RMG-Redes we are manufacturers of sports nets with many years of experience in the sector. We manufacture and install synthetic nets made to measure for multiple sports and applications: football, golf, tennis, paddle, sports or sports facilities, goalposts, adventure parks, castellers, gyms. Our goal is to offer our customers the best confections and installations of nets tailored in the sports field.
Uses of the sports nets to measure
We have been manufacturing nets for sports facilities since the 90s, which is why we have many years of experience in the sector. Achieving the satisfaction of our customers is our priority and for this we always adapt to their needs.

The uses of the sports networks of RMG-Redes are multiple, as we have been adding to different disciplines to meet needs in the world of sports such as football, swimming or tennis, as well as adventure parks, gyms and Sports grounds
Security, our priority
RMG-Redes has a factory of nets of latest technology to offer products of maximum security and quality. We use materials such as nylon in different thicknesses and lengths to guarantee the ideal toughness and strength in each case. Because it is not the same a nylon net for a sports center, which is covered, than for a soccer field, outdoors.

Discover in our catalog all the types of sports nets that we manufacture and choose the one that best suits the needs of your company. If you have doubts, you can contact us without any commitment.



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