Shading and hiding meshes
The shading or hiding mesh of RMG-Redes, made with monofilament and raffia threads, is specially designed to control the amount of sunlight on the crops and the temperature in the growing area. It can also protect from rain, dust, wind and small hail.
The installation of a shading and hiding mesh helps reduce water consumption and maintain a more stable temperature in the growing area in hot weather. In addition, in the factory of RMG-Redes we manufacture nets with 3 levels of shadow according to the needs of its application: at 50%, 60% and 80%.
For use on a particular level, shading screens are also suitable for:
  • Create separations in homes
  • As parking cover
  • To create shadows in patios
  • As cover for trucks "truck cover"
  • As a fence in works
  • As covered in farms and pens
  • For wind protection