Cordage and fishing lines
As specialists in fishing nets, in RMG-Redes we have a large stock of fishing and rope lines for the field of professional fishing. We work with ropes of different materials in order to offer the solution that best suits each client:

Polysteel floating cable

Pensades per a la pesca professional i per a l'aqüicultura, són entenimentades que combinen una alta tenacitat amb una baixa densitat i que estan caracteritzades per una gran resistència a l'abrasió i als rajos UV.

Són ideals per al muntatge d'arts de pesca en els seus diferents àmbits.

Polyester and nylon cable

Non-floating rope that combines high breaking strength with low elongation: ideal for working with high loads safely. They remain flexible and soft to the touch even wet and offer a great resistance to the abrasion and little shrinkage under normal conditions.
Presentation: braided or wired of 3 or 4 cords and in different colors.

Floating cable

Floating rope for professional use in fishing and other activities. The best alternative to traditional corks, ideal for working in a more comfortable way. It combines great flexibility with high strength and is soft to the touch. It provides a great regularity of buoyancy throughout the fishing net line. It holds the pressure well and works without losing properties to a great depth.

Rope plumbing

Braided rope with fiber and lead souls and a rosary of leads that serves to cause a rapid sinking of fishing gear. It is available in different weights and presentations, depending on the depth of work.

Polypropylene floating rope

Ideal for professional fishing. Of great use in the assembly in the pieces of trammel because it maintains optimal conditions of flexibility and resistance in the work and does not lose buoyancy.
We also have nylon thread for fishing in reels of 1kg, 250g and 100g. In white, brown, black and green and in braided and twisted format. No. 2 (20000), No. 3 (13400), No. 4 (10000), No. 6 (6660), No. 9 (4440), No. 12 (3330), No. 18 (2220), No. 24 (1615), No. 36 (1110).