Safety nets for works
The safety nets for works serve to avoid the fall in height of workers and workers. In this sense, the Law on Prevention of Occupational Hazards establishes that these protective nets should be used to prevent personal injury in any fall to the vacuum in the work of the construction sector and works.
RMG-Redes we offer a service of distribution of nets of protection of works: we manufacture 5 types of nets for the security in works, each one with different forms, but all with the same purpose, to assure the workers.
Type V nets

They are mounted in a pre-set structure and are attached to a fork-type bracket. These are fixed at the top and bottom of the building floor. The standard measurement is 5 x 10 meters and have a perimeter rope frame.

S type nets
They are safety nets designed for the protection of horizontal voids. These nets are built to withstand heavy weight and withstand impacts.

T-type nets
They are nets that are attached to a tray-like structure. These nets are very strong and strong. The standard measurement is 3 x 4.50 meters.
U type nets
They are nets designed to cover the vertical surfaces and thus avoid any fall to the void.

The type U nets are railing nets, built from the diamond with knot to be able to support more weight. The standard measurement is 1 x 2.50 meters. They are made with polyamide (nylon) 100%.

Formwork bottom protection nets
They are safety nets that are installed between the structure and the formwork boards to avoid falling workers and / or objects.