Nets for transport and cargo
At RMG-Redes we understand that security in the transport of goods is fundamental and that is why we are specialists in the distribution of cargo networks and industrial cargo networks. We have nets for transport of merchandise of different types and for different uses, such as the networks for the cover of trucks, the networks for the cover of merchandise and the networks for the protection of merchandise, among others.
Load nets
We distribute cargo nets of the size you need to adapt to your needs and your customers. They are made with polyester rope, high strength and durability for the industrial sector.

Nets for truck cover
This type of protection nets serves to prevent debris from falling on the road during the transport of materials by truck. We distribute nets for the cover of trucks of different sizes since they are designed to transport all types of loads.
Nets for the merchandise cover
We distribute tailored nets to adapt them to your means of transport and prevent these goods from falling onto the road and causing damage. With these nets, the merchandise will be grouped and compact to be transported with all the security guarantees in airplanes, ships and in transfers with cranes.

Nets for the protection of merchandise
We distribute merchandise protection networks to ensure that they do not suffer damage or damage during transport.