Purse seines
In RMG-Redes we have been importers and distributors of purse seines for more than 30 years. We have ample stocks of material that allow us to supply merchandise in a relatively short time.

All the purse seines we offer to our customers meet high quality standards.
Types of purse seines
We have net cloths of all types of yarn and all meshes. All of our purse seine nets are without knot-type RASCHEL - although we also supply knotted net upon request.
  • Lead and Cork Chains
  • Matadors or cups
  • Clear Mesh Reinforcement Mesh for Lead
  • Net cloths in 210 / 5-210 / 6-210 / 7-210 / 8

We distribute our fencing nets in cloths of 400-800-1200 meshes of width and of 100 meters of length. And with mesh reinforcement every 200 meshes. We assemble the chain of lead manually with trencilla or corporal with the measurement of mesh, the height and the length that the client demands to us. We also manufacture custom mesh sizes, widths and special lengths.

Contact us and we will propose the solution that best suits your needs for purse seine fishing.