Safety nets for Human Towers
In RMG-Redes we manufacture and install nets for human towers. Over the years we have been specializing in all kinds of sports and we have become specialists in safety nets for human towers trials.
The human towers are a century-old tradition born in Catalonia that is gaining more fans outside its original borders. The practice of the human towers requires a lot of discipline and concentration to ensure that the human tower does not fall. Because of the risk involved in their practice, participants should be well protected, both in rehearsals and in their exhibitions.

At RMG-Redes we are committed to safety and it is for this reason that we offer safety nets totally adapted to the needs of the practice of castells.
Particularities of the netting for Human Towers
A practice as ingrained as the castells requires maximum safety measures in the test rooms. That is why safety nets have become, together with helmets and impact mitigating soils, a must in the human towers test rooms.

The nets that are used in the test rooms must have some peculiarities that other nets do not have. For example, in the central part the mesh must have some larger holes that allow the passage of the human towers. Thus, the net of the human tower is placed above the base or pineapple and acts as protection for those in higher positions (the pillar).

Human Towers safety nets allow intensive training with few people. This is because the nets itself can not be large because it must dampen falls without causing injuries to those below. It is also important to mention that they are mobile nets to facilitate their assembly in the test rooms.
Specifically in the manufacture of nets for human towers we work with 100% polyamide or nylon because of its high strength and toughness against the typical falls of the tests.

In our catalog you can find several examples of safety nets. Request a free quote from your human tower  net now.