Protection meshes are very useful and necessary in the agricultural sector. These types of nets can have multiple functions: protect, isolate and care for crops, trees and plants. They are very useful when the purpose is to avoid that the plants and trees are very exposed to the sun. In summer, when temperatures can be very high, it is important to get shade for plants and trees. Also for cold seasons, where rains and hailstones are abundant, nets for agriculture have protective functions that are absolutely necessary for crops.

We produce agrarian nets for trees, plants and everything related to the agricultural world. Our mesh for agriculture has great resistance to outdoor temperatures, rain and hail, to ensure the protection of crops and vegetation in extreme climatic situations.

If you need to protect your crops from the sun, hail or animals, at RMG-Redes we guarantee the quality and strength of our protective meshes. Ask for advice and budget without commitment to determine what type of agricultural nets you need.

Hail resistant


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