Nets for aviaries
Si quieres mantener juntas las aves de corral y no tener que preocuparte por si se escapan, y protegerlas de los ataques de posibles depredadores, RMG-Redes te presentamos las redes para voladeros que te liberarán de preocupaciones. En nuestra empresa sabemos que la mejor solución para mantener a salvo las aves de corral es marcar el perímetro con una red de contención nada agresiva y que no hace daño a los animales. 
If you want to keep the poultry together and not have to worry about escaping, and protect them from attacks by predators, RMG-Redes will present you the netting for aviaries that will free you from worries. In our company we know that the best solution to keep poultry safe is to mark the perimeter with an aggressive containment net that does not harm the animals.

So important is to try to keep poultry from escaping and protect them from predator attacks. Also for this purpose our nets are a good solution. They are of great resistance and durability, able to withstand diverse meteorological conditions without problem some and also able to contain to the possible predators.

These types of nets can be perimeter nets and / or roof nets to fulfill the function of not letting birds escape or entering predators.

If you need some kind of net for aviaries do not hesitate to consult us and we will make a personalized quote without any commitment.