Nets for zoos and wildlife centers
Often zoos and wildlife centers need nets for various purposes related to animal care. At RMG Redes we adapt all our resources to give the customer what they need, how and when they need it. We have a long experience in the manufacture and distribution of nets for animal facilities of all kinds.
For zoos and wildlife centers we manufacture hammocks and ropes for large primates and all types of enclosures with net for bird cages or animal facilities, as well as nets for the delimitation or separation of spaces.

In addition to working for zoos and wildlife centers, RMG-Redes also makes enclosures for recovery centers for birds and wild animals. Our nets are flexible and lightweight, yet very resistant to shocks. They are tailor made to meet the needs of the client, in addition to having a service of installation of the same.

If you need some kind of nets for zoos, wildlife centers or the like, contact us and we will make you a personalized quote without any commitment.