Decorative nets
Decorating the home is often one of the tasks you most enjoy when it comes to getting started on a new floor, home, or location. The decorative nets give a modern touch and sailor to the home, a place of leisure or any other location.
The small decorative details are those that add and give value to the decoration of the home. The simple and economical details are those that allow to use creativity at home and adapt the decoration to the taste of each one. We make nets so you can decorate the house to your liking and measure.

At RMG-Redes we have realized that there are as many decorations as tastes to decorate and that is why we have nets for the decoration of your house.
Decoration nets
For those with a tasteful sailor, and following in the line of the nets for home decoration, a good choice are the nets that can be hung on the wall or on the ceiling, to create a very welcoming seafaring environment. With some blue details and decorative nets sure to create a most relaxing atmosphere.

RMG Redes we make the decorative nets to measure and with the thickness of rope that you prefer. We have a wide variety of natural and synthetic fiber nets to decorate your home.
Network curtains
We also make net curtains made with net of fisherman or cotton for those who look for decoration and functionality at the same time. These curtains are very useful to separate environments and to maintain a cool environment inside the house in summer and to avoid the entrance of insects, etc.

RMG-Redes we made curtains made with fish net and cotton. All curtains are made with the measurements you need.
If you want to decorate your home or put curtains fabricated with net, do not hesitate to consult us and we will make a personalized quote without any commitment.