Trammel nets
At RMG-Redes we are specialists in the supply and assembly of smaller gear nets. We are importers, for more than 30 years, of trammel nets. Our long experience in the fishing sector allows us to advise each client on the most suitable net for each type of fishing and in its form of assembly.
Kinds of trammel nets
We have a wide stock of monofilament (tanza), multifilament (nylon), multi-monofilament and pre-assembled nets for machine-building. This allows us to offer a quick reaction to the demands of the market. And also, our customers do not lose working days and can get the maximum economic return to the fishing cycles.

In addition our wide net of shipowners makes that we can supply a great number of nets assembled in the minimum possible time.

Contact us and ask for your quotation without commitment. If we do not have the trammel net in stock, we manufacture it to fit your needs.