Anti pigeon and gull nets
Pigeons can lead to serious health problems. The city's easy adaptation to the city and the lack of presence of predators make the colonies of these birds grow quickly and cause complex problems in the urban buildings in which they usually nest.
In RMG Redes we make specific nets for this type of pests: anti-pigeons nets. These nets are designed to cover facades of buildings, inner courtyards and other spaces to prevent the entry or accommodation of pigeons, seagulls and other birds.

These are 50x50mm nets of colored stone, so that it is practically invisible to our eyes. The mesh has a treatment against UV rays, so that the net offers a high durability in the exterior. The installation of an anti-bird mesh is a very effective solution and at a relatively low cost to prevent the birds from nesting in the buildings and facades of private homes.

It is important to prevent these pests for different reasons. Firstly because they can cause health problems and bring diseases. In addition, these birds make noise and generate constant movement that can annoy the inhabitants of houses and surroundings. Finally, their defecations are everywhere and are very dangerous as they can be a major source of infection.

RMG-Redes also offers a service of installation of these anti-birds nets. We take care of the entire process: from taking measurements from the enclosure area to the grid placement.

If you need some kind of anti-bird mesh or seagulls contact us and we will make you a personalized quote without any commitment.