The industry and construction sector requires a high level of safety for its workers. At RMG-Redes we know that guaranteeing the safety of workers at work is, above all, an obligation of companies. Therefore, we have all kinds of safety nets for industry and construction.

We distribute these types of industrial nets, which are characterized by being very strong and very resistant to shocks and by bearing large weights. Safety nets for works are the most resistant we distribute to ensure at all times your safety, that of your workers and that of any person or thing that is located on the site of the works.
Uses of nets for industry and construction
In RMG-Redes we distribute all kinds of safety nets for the industrial and construction sector: safety nets for construction projects, anti-shell nets, transport nets for trucks and nets for the collection of waste in coastal waters.

If you need some type of industrial nets or for construction, ask us for a quote without commitment and we will advise you on the type of net that best suits your needs.

Stay safe at work

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