Nets for the cleaning of coastal waters
Las aguas marinas cercanas a las costas arrastran objetos y basura a las playas. Hay embarcaciones que se dedican a limpiar las aguas de residuos, que trabajan con redes para la limpieza del agua litoralEn RMG-Redes distribuimos este tipo de redes que son usadas por las embarcaciones de recogida de residuos sólidos flotantes en aguas costeras. 
The marine waters near the coast drag objects and garbage to the beaches. There are boats dedicated to clean wastewater, which work with nets to clean coastal water.  

In RMG-Redes we distribute this type of nets that are used by the collection vessels of solid waste floating in coastal waters. 
These nets for coastal waters are resistant to weight and drag. They are also resistant to salt water, as they have a high durability and resistance. Our experience as manufacturers of fishing nets, in a manual way, supports us, since our main market is, historically, that of the networks for artisanal and industrial fishing in its different modalities. 

If you need nets for your company of marine cleaning ships of good quality and you want a personalized advice, do not hesitate to contact us without any commitment.