Hiding meshes and shading
RMG Redes we are experts in the manufacture of meshes and nets for the domestic sphere. Apart from the protective nets, shading and concealment meshes are very common in private houses. This type of mesh for the home is characterized by being thin and light nets, but at the same time leafy so that the shade they make is clear.
We adapt the measures of the meshes to the needs of the client, understanding that each patio or terrace is different. The applications that have these home nets are the following:
Shadow for patios
In open patios it is necessary to create shaded spaces to enjoy the outdoors or to protect plants, garden furniture or other elements from the sun. Shading screens reduce ultraviolet radiation and rebalance the temperature of patios and terraces without depriving sunlight of sunlight.
These meshes also serve to shade parking areas.

Shading meshes are very useful for shading. In addition they have the benefit that they are thin and light, for the feeling they provide is open space.
Concealment and separation of dwellings
In the patios and terraces of the single-family houses or rigged it is necessary to look for solutions to separate the houses. The screens of hiding and separation of houses that we manufacture and install in RMG Redes provide privacy to these open spaces. We tailor them to the needs of our customers.

These home nets protect from the wind, as they create a barrier that isolates the outer zone in question.
If you need meshes and shading for your home do not hesitate to contact us. In RMG Redes we will analyze your case and we will give you an effective solution with a budget to measure without any type of commitment.