Anti-hail meshes
Anti-hail mesh is the most effective solution for crop protection during hail storms. Preserve the harvest in trees, small shrubs, plants, etc. Contains reinforcing threads to protect against tearing and allows the passage of light, air and water.
These anti-hail nets are woven with black polyethylene monofilament. They are reinforced to be used in installations suspended in the air, with a minimum guarantee of duration of 5 years exposed to the intemperie.

The qualities of these meshes for protection against hail are as follows:
  • Protect from the wind
  • Reduce temperature changes
  • Protect from minor frost
  • They are easy to install

If you need to buy a custom anti-hail mesh, you can ask for a quote without compromise and we will advise you to offer you the best product according to your needs or those of your business or company.