Netting for adventure parks
In RMG-Redes we have a long professional trajectory in the sector of the manufacture of synthetic netting. Adventure parks are recreational spaces where you need to invest especially in safety to avoid accidents. To do this, we make and install all types of nets for adventure parks, protection, zip lines, high pass areas and climbing nets.
Safety in play facilities such as adventure parks, paintballs or playgrounds is paramount.

For this type of installation, we not only recommend that CE-approved equipment, such as harnesses, pulleys and tapes, are offered, but also the use of state-of-the-art safety nets that guarantee high resistance and durability.
Types of Adventure Park Nets
There are many types of fall arrest nets for different types of play facilities. We can talk about nets and ropes for playgrounds, adventure parks, amusement parks or group games such as paintball.

The nets that we use in playgrounds and toy lodges are mainly resistant safety meshes with a double function: to allow children to climb on them and to serve as a cushion in case of slips and falls. This type of protection and security meshes are very versatile because they can both serve to delimit areas in a zoo as for a paintball field. In each case, RMG-Redes we adapt to the needs of the client and to the particularities of its purpose.

On the other hand, the nets and ropes found in adventure parks have specific purposes, such as Tibetan bridges, guardrail nets or climbing nets, designed for specific climbing games.

If you want us to make nets tailored to your business, you just need to contact us and we will provide you with a free quote.