We work for both professionals and individuals, offering a comprehensive and personalized service. Our specialized staff manufactures and installs customized netting for each customer based on their needs.
Our Services:
  • Personalized advice
  • Net confection and fabrication
  • Installation of sports and protection nets
  • Maintenance of sports nets

We study each project and help find the best solution for any type of enclosure with synthetic nets. We make customized budgets without compromise.

Net confection and fabrication:
We elaborate and manufacture all our nets to offer the best solution to each client or project. We work with top quality materials, our synthetic nets are 100% polyamide and ensure optimum quality.
Installation of sports and protection nets:
We take care of the whole process. From the civil work: placement of structures, posts, anchors, wiring, etc. Up to the installation of the protection or sports network.

Maintenance of sports nets:
We also offer a service of maintenance of sports nets for clubs and fields in order that the net is maintained in optimal conditions both in terms of protection and in a more aesthetic plane.