Types of sports nets


Types of sports nets

Have you ever thought about how many types of sports nets are there?

The truth is that there is a safety net for each type of sport and we want to present them.

It is necessary to differentiate the goal net first: soccer goal net (in its different modalities), baskets of basketball, handball, water polo, hockey skates ... or the nets for tennis courts, volleyball and paddle. There are also special resistance nets for hammer throwing cages on athletic tracks or batting cages on baseball or golf fields.

However, there are other types of sports nets: the safety nets, ie the nets that make up the outer perimeter of a sports space. They are of different thicknesses and of different mesh diameter, depending on the sport that is practiced. In these networks RMG-Redes offers the highest quality since our nets are 100% polyamide (nylon) of high tenacity, which provide a high resistance and a great durability in the time. These sports networks are specially designed to enjoy our favorite sport with maximum comfort and safety. Very efficient as a resource to protect people or furniture sensitive to the dangerous impacts of balls, especially in the case of golf courses or on skating rinks.

The football net is the most common in fields and sports courts. It is a mesh network measuring 100x100mm ideal for sports fields in general: for goalposts and sides on soccer fields 11, 7 soccer or futsal. It is also used in sports courts to optimize spaces and as a track separator. It prevents the exit of balls outside the limits of the field and serves as protection for electronic markers, foci, etc. Available in white, black or green.

Golf nets are of great importance because of the special danger of the impact of the balls of this sport. The most common for these fields is the mesh size of 25x25mm. There are different thicknesses of yarn depending on the intensity of the blow to which the net is exposed. Golf nets are essential in order to protect and make safer the urbanized sectors that are usually in the adjacent areas of the golf courses. As well as to delimit the field and to avoid the exit of balls towards roads with traffic of cars or ways of passage of people.

The tennis and paddle net most used for protection on paddle and tennis courts is 40x40mm or 30x30mm mesh diameter. Its sole purpose is to avoid the exit of the balls of the sport court avoiding in this way the discomfort that it supposes for the players.

As for paintball field nets, the most used for this type of play areas is the 6x6 mosquito net woven with polyethylene thread, with ultraviolet and rot-proof treatment. It is a mesh of great lightness and of great resistance at the same time, that perfectly withstand the impact of the balls of paintball.

Nets for adventure parks are specially designed for this type of sports that require a high security requirement. We speak of networks for funds of zip lines, which serve as protection and brake; Anti-fall networks such as security in transitional or overpass zones; Tibetan bridges; Climbing nets made with high-tenacity or natural fiber hand-made synthetic cords, etc.

In RMG-Redes we have all these types of sports nets for a good practice of your favorite sport. We manufacture all the networks according to the client's instructions and we advise you to make everything perfect and with maximum security.


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