Nets for balconies


Nets for balconies

Safety nets for children, pets and anti birds with minimal visual impact.

After decades working for your peace of mind, at RMG Redes we are proud to have perfected our protection nets for balconies. Turning your house into a safer place has always been our maxim and what has led us to successfully pursue security mesh installations on balconies with multiple utilities.

Nets for children
We all know how moved the children can be and a small oversight can mean an easy incident when we talk about young children. So that you always feel safe at home, at RMG Redes we have customizable meshes and protective nets for your home. We can install them in balconies, windows and terraces and although avoiding falls would be their main motivation, since they are nylon nets with high tenacity and resistance in transparent or white color, their visual impact is minimal, which is why many demand them for esthetic reasons.

Unlike the bars, the protection nets for balconies could be dismantled if necessary and, in addition, are cheaper.

Pet nets
Those of you who have cats will know that falls from a great height are the main cause of serious accidents in cats. Avoiding this danger for your pets is very easy with RMG Redes safety nets. With an anti-fall mesh for animals you will give your pets maximum freedom of movement and you can leave windows and terraces open without having to worry about their integrity.

In addition, as with children's nets, meshes for pet balconies are very discreet and do not generate any visual impact on the facade of your building.

Anti bird nets
Another function very demanded by our clients is the installation of nets for balconies with the purpose of acting as an anti-bird net. Especially in large cities, pigeon pests can become a serious problem of healthiness. Keeping them out of reach of our house is very easy with RMG Redes. You just have to contact our professionals and we will offer you a customized solution to protect your balconies, windows and terraces from the entrance of these birds.

The anti-bird nets are 50x50 mm meshes of stone color to make them as discreet as possible to our eyes. In addition, they have a high resistance to solar exposure, since they must withstand changes in temperature and all kinds of inclement weather of their installation outdoors.

Avoid home accidents by betting on security at home with our safety nets for balconies.


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