Amazonian fish safety nets


Amazonian fish safety nets

We manufacture a protection net for the CosmoCaixa Amazon fish.

In 2014 we received a very interesting commission: to manufacture and install a protection net for a species of Amazonian fish for CosmoCaixa.

The reason for this assignment is that in the aquatic part of the Flooded Forest of the Cosmocaixa inhabits the Pirarucú, or Arapaima, Amazonian species that can reach 3 meters in length and weigh about 250 kg. It is a fish capable of jumping out of the water to Capture their prey.

We installed a protective net at the level of the water surface so that the fish could move freely in their habitat but without causing damage or scares to the visitors.

We were in charge of providing this safety net because in the Flooded Forest there had already been some jumps of this animal species and had caused the exit of some of these fish out of their habitat.

The work that RMG-Redes had to carry out was to install a protection network at the surface level, which delimits with the transit zone of visitors. With this network of protection has been avoided the possibility that this animal species and others that coexist with it come out of the water and surprise the visitors jumping towards them.

The Flooded Forest is a unique space that faithfully represents the Amazon rainforest and part of its natural biodiversity. It is a place that allows you to enter a world full of sensations. It is worth discovering how this fauna and its environment, experiencing the humidity in which they live, and the smells and sounds of the rainforest. It is a journey of thousands of kilometers to few minutes of the center of Barcelona.


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